Wardrobe Diary Results | Minimalist Challenge

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. At some point this idea has been adapted to our wardrobes. Capsule wardrobe proponents claim that we wear 20% of our wardrobes 80% of the time.

Last month I asked, ‘how many of the items in your wardrobe do you actually wear?’


Below is the original Wardrobe Diary video.

In the last two and a half years of my minimalist journey, I have worn the same 10-15 items over and over again, no matter how small or large my wardrobe has been.

The Wardrobe Diary was a resource I created to help monitor the use of your wardrobe. When I created it, I did so to help you, not thinking that there was much for me to gain from the experience. I did, however, find it to be a useful resource for my own wardrobe, and learnt some interesting things about it.

First, a little reflection about its usability. I found document really easy to use. It took almost no time to customise the document to my wardrobe when I started it. It takes less than a minute to fill it in every day. Even though I am quite busy and tend to forget things, this was a simple task that I was able to complete daily, by leaving it somewhere visible in my home. Placing a few ticks in relevant boxes is a user friendly way to collect data, and I was quite surprised about what I learnt.

Most worn items

  • Grey v-neck knit
  • Merino tights
  • Maxi grey knit
  • Black coat


Least worn items

  • Jumpsuits
  • Jeans


Below is a video about this topic.

Please fill me in on your progress if you are working through the challenge. If you have already completed it, did you get any interesting results?

As I mentioned in the video, I am shortly heading off on an overseas trip. As a result, your normal content will be replaced with a 28 day minimalist series (you’re welcome 😘). Also, for this reason, the Small Wardrobe shop will be closed between September 15 and October 6. If you would like to buy something, you will not be able to do so in that time period. As an incentive to move some things along before that, I have added some new clothing to the shop and discounted older items.

Back to the video. Here is the 20% Organic Basics coupon code I mentioned, asmallwardrobexOB20 (follow this link to Organic Basics).

IMG_4507Organic Basics organic cotton comfort

I recently deleted my Facebook account, but you can still check me out on YouTubeInstagram, and Pinterest! I also have a Patreon account, where I post additional content weekly. Patreon subscribers receive a number of benefits, including additional weekly content, early access, and discount in the Small Wardrobe shop.

As a final note, here is a new YouTube channel I have started. Content coming soon, I promise.




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  1. I was surprised by my results. I thought I’d worn more of my tee shirts than I did. I’ve gotten rid of a bunch but this leads me to believe I still have too many.
    My most worn items were a pair of jeans (16), chinos (9), and a zip hoodie (10). It’s been warm here but still cool in the office. My cardigan should have gotten more wear instead of only reaching for the hoodie.

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