28 Day Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge | Shop Clearance

For the last week or so, I have been posting a video a day for my minimalist wardrobe challenge. If you have just tuned in, the objective of this series is to help you redesign your wardrobe with minimal effort. Every day, in each video, you receive a short task to complete, each of which is designed to help you build a smaller wardrobe.

Below is the video for day 1.

The first week of the challenge was about wardrobe organization. Taking stock of what we own is a very important part of determining how we use our wardrobes. In week two we head into analysing specific ways in which we use our wardrobes.

Stay tuned for daily video until the end of September!

In other news, some of you know that I have an online shop. As I am about to leave for an international trip, the shop will be closing down for three weeks, beginning this coming weekend.

I have to say that while the online shop has been a rewarding experiment, I am not sure that I will continue it in 2019. The reason for this is that it has affected my own shopping habits immensely, which is something I was not expecting, and something I don’t love.

If you have been following for a while, you will know that at the start of each year I write myself a shopping list of items I want for that year. I also regularly take part in shopping fasts. Both these activities contribute to me keeping a small wardrobe of around 30 items.

At the start of 2018, my shopping objective had been to buy no more than six or seven items of clothing during the year, and most of them second hand. It is now fair to say that have completely failed at meeting this objective!

Perhaps I was too restrictive in my planning, which affected the outcome, but I cannot ignore the fact that the online shop has had a big part to play. I have spent a lot of the time over the last year browsing second hand items, looking to fill my shop. As disciplined as I try to be, I have accumulated a lot of stuff myself as a result. I have been swapping items out, so I still have a limited number of items. The issue is more that shopping, a habit I had mostly removed from my life over the first two years of my minimalist journey, has now become a regular part of life again.

To make things worst, I am about to embark on my first international trip in two years. I take travel seriously, and I want to feel that I am dressed both comfortably and well for my trips. When I began planning my travel capsule, I reflected on the fact that I was not as pleased with what I own as I thought. It was a little too bohemian, a little too mismatched, a little too impractical. As a result, I purchased some new good quality basics for the trip.

It’s official. Hi, I am a minimalist, and I have totally fallen off the shopping wagon.

This is the reason that I am probably unlikely to continue the online shop in 2019. I want to get myself out of the habit of shopping once again. For this reason, I have reduced the prices of a lot of items in my shop. I am basically trying to give those items a good home as soon as possible, so I can begin the process of closing the shop down.


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