28 Day Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge Series | Grand Finale

Welcome to the final day of the Small Wardrobe minimalist challenge series.

The objective of this series was to help you redesign your wardrobe with minimal effort. Every day for the last 28, I have posted a short video about a small task that you can complete to overhaul your wardrobe over a period of a month.

Now that the challenge is over, here is a little calendar that can help you keep track of the challenge. I chose not to release this in the days of the challenge, because I didn’t want to give out any spoilers.

28 Day Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge

If you’re all, ‘series who?’, below is day 1.

I hope you have enjoyed the series, and that you were able to follow along and improve your own wardrobe.

I would like to stress again that you do not need to have 30 items to be satisfied with your wardrobe. I myself am currently in New York City, and I think between the shopping I’m doing here, and the shopping I did for my trip, I am a little over that number now. Anyway, the number is not important, what is important is how you feel about your wardrobe, and how you use it. This challenge is not about extremes.

In October we return to our regular programming, with a month devoted to travel!

Thank you so much for supporting the series! Check me out on YouTubeInstagram, and Pinterest. I also have a Patreon account, where I post additional content weekly. Patreon subscribers receive a number of benefits, including additional weekly content, and additional support during the Minimalist Wardrobe challenge.



  1. Hi there, thank you for such an inspiring series and for going to such lengths to create it. I don’t for a moment under-estimate the amount of time, planning, creativity and effort something like this takes. I have had a capsule wardrobe for a number of years now but I still learned such a lot from this series. I hope you had a wonderful holiday, Lxx

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  2. I’ve just started a new way to look at my wardrobe in regards to my daily life on construction/building sites. The disposable capsule. A small selection of work and weather appropriate items that are not so precious that they can’t be unregrettable tossed or replaced at the spur of the moment if a job related accident happens. I try to make these items a “uniform”of sorts that still represents my role as the designer but specifically memorable. It’s a small, ever changing group that is working well.

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    1. While we can’t hold onto everything, depending on what they are & your what your lifestyle’s like your sentimental pieces & objects can often be repurposed in a different way – they don’t all need to be got rid of!

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  3. Hi there ! I was wondering what you do for clothing care concerning frequency and type of wash? I’m trying very hard to pair down my wardrobe further but I’m always concerned about the wear and tear done by frequently washing my clothes since I have fewer pieces to rotate. I try to wash as much as I can on cold and hand wash as well as laying things out to dry instead but I’m wondering if you have any tips extra tips?
    Thanks ! xo

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