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Welcome back to A Small Wardrobe!

If you have been following me on Instagram, you know that I have recently been travelling in the USA. During my trip I needed to take some space from blogging and making videos. Now that I feel rested, refreshed and re-focused, I’m back!

The theme for October is travel. I will be posting content about preparing for travel and my adventures through the US.

Below are the first couple videos from my trip. Both are on my new channel, Passion Project. Please like, comment and subscribe! As it turns out, it is very difficult to gain momentum with a new YouTube channel right now, so I would really appreciate the support! Passion Project is a channel where I interview people with offbeat interests, hobbies or jobs. It’s a place where I can get messy and weird, which is the polar opposite to how I roll with A Small Wardrobe. 

The video below is about David who has a passion for the series Twin Peaks.


The video below is about my train journey between Seattle and New York City.


I have been naughty. In preparation for my trip, I purchased quite a few things. I felt I didn’t have clothing I was really pleased with for travel purposes. I have recently made a return to a more neutral wardrobe as a result.

I have felt that a travel capsule is an appropriate investment, as this trip reminded me how much I need travel in my life. I have taken a break from international travel over the last few years because I wanted to invest in a property and do all those other sensible ‘adult’ things. It is evident, however, that my life has lacked balance. Travel allows me to remove myself from my context and see life through a new lens. Travel is essential to who I am, and I have decided that I am going to take as many travel opportunities as I can over the coming years. As I have decided that travel needs to be a regular part of my life once again, I have few regrets over the purchases for my wardrobe.

Below is a lookbook of my travel capsule wardrobe.


Below are some of the items that I considered essentials on this trip.

Organic cotton underwear by Organic Basics. I travelled with few items, but all of my underwear was by Organic basic. It is ridiculously comfortable, easy to care for, and aesthetically pleasing too. I also travelled with the brand’s brilliant charcoal activated bamboo toothbrush.

IMG_5130Use code asmallwardrobexOB20 to get 20% off Organic Basics

Nordgreen watch. I was lucky enough to get the beautiful Infinity watch by Nordgreen before I left. She was such a treat during my trip, and helped me feel polished and chic even during those sixteen hour flights.

IMG_6121Use code WARDROBE to get 15% off Nordgreen                                                                           

Hanogram phone case. This vegan friendly phone case made my life so simple while I was on the road. If you watch my packing video, you will see that I did not bring a wallet! This lovely marble patterned case is durable, protected my new phone, and there was space to store my cards and cash!

IMG_6126Use code WARDROBE to get 15% off Hanogram

Merino Leggings. Technically, I purchased these two pairs of leggings on the road, but I had wanted them for a long time. At this point you should be aware of my obsession with merino tights. I essentially lived in mine all through the Australian winter. The problem with my old ones was that they were a poor quality product in the first place, and they had massive holes in them after two years of use. I had been looking to replace them for the last couple years, and finally found two options I am happy with.

IMG_6325Elementex Women’s 100% Merino Wool 250 GSM Tights

IMG_6421Thermowave Womens 100% Merino Wool 180 GSM Tights


Below is a video which shows me packing for three weeks in the US.


Check me out on YouTubeInstagram, and Pinterest. I also have a Patreon account, where I post additional content weekly.



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