Minimalist Travel Essentials | What Works/What Does Not

I love travel. Travel is the most interesting way to learn about the world. There is nothing more rewarding than immersing myself in a different culture, and breaking away from my own world.  Travel takes me out of my context, and helps me make objective observations on my life.

Recently I travelled for three weeks in the USA.
Below are a series of vlogs of my travels.

Seattle Vlog 1


Seattle Vlog 2




New York City


This trip was life changing, and as a result, I have made the decision to travel as much as I can over 2019.

If you followed my journey, you will know that I travelled with just a small carry-on suitcase for a period of three weeks. I want to go on a longer trip in the coming months, one that lasts perhaps four to five weeks. If I do this, I will still be planning on travelling with the same sized luggage.

Today’s post is an evaluation of what I brought with me on the last trip. With such limited space, it is important to know what got the most use, the least use, as well as what I could have added to make my travels more comfortable.

Below are the things that worked well.

1. Hanogram phone case. This nifty phone case has little pockets in the cover which can be used for cards. As an additional bonus, the cases are vegan friendly! I was able to use this case as a wallet while I travelled, which saved me space. I have a 15% discount code available to you, just click the link below.


Use code WARDROBE to get 15% off Hanogram

2. Travel med kit. I had some unexpected health issues from plane food and I’m really grateful to have had some medicine on the flight with me. Med kits are the ‘just in case’ items that are always worth bringing along.

3. Travel capsule. My travel capsule was perfect for hiking, exploring a chilled out city like Seattle, and taking long train rides. Most items got a lot of wear, and everything matched, making getting dressed easy.

IMG_5614IMG_5582Seattle Japanese Garden

IMG_E5603Fall harvest

IMG_5620IMG_5661Visiting Twin Peaks

IMG_E5700Essex, Montana

Below are a few items I didn’t end up using during my trip.

1. Neck pillow. I found that I required extra lumbar support during the flight. I ended up using my neck pillow for this purpose, but I could have easily replaced it with a rolled up sweater or asked for an additional pillow. I did not actually use it for its intended purpose.

2. Lint roller. I brought a lint roller with me because my cardigan sheds quite a bit of fiber. I found though, that without my cat around, this was more than tolerable. In the end, I didn’t use the roller at all.


Here are some things I wish I had brought with me.

1. A watch. When I’m at home I wear a watch so that I can get away from looking at my phone constantly. I wish I had done this for my trip. Pictured here is my beautiful Infinity watch by Nordgreen. 


Use code WARDROBE to get 15% off Nordgreen    

2. Fancier clothing. My travel capsule was perfect for the mild weather in the relaxing Pacific Northwest, but I felt supremely underdressed in NYC. The silk dress I brought along ended up being useless, as it flung wide open as I walked. It was also really warm in New York, and I simply didn’t have clothing that was suitable for the weather. For this reason I ended up going shopping quite a bit, searching for something to wear.

IMG_6137IMG_6138IMG_6134New York City

Below is a video which explores my travel essentials further.

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