18 Things To Get Rid of 2018 | Cutting off My Hair

I have been ranting and raving about how life changing my recent travels in the USA have been. I have returned with a new perspective, and for this reason, I thought it was a good time to clear out some of my belongings and make a little decluttering guide for the remaining months of 2018.


First though, let’s start off with a short tale of one massive thing I decluttered after I returned from my trip – my hair. In case you have been wondering, I have not loved having short hair, and ultimately the goal is to have healthy long hair again. I was thinking about chopping it off for a while, but I was 90% sure I wanted to do it when I did, not 150% sure, like I should have been. There were a solid few weeks of plain old regret, but I think we’re good now. It was definitely the right choice to make. I have just accepted that my hair will be short for most of 2019, as I continue to chop off all the dyed bits.

My reasons for cutting off my hair are below.

  1. I am growing out my natural colour (mid brown with lots of grey bits). I’m doing this because I no longer feel like dying my hair to meet female beauty standards. I want more ways to be myself and be comfortable with being myself.
  2. Hair damage. I do want long hair ultimately, but my hair was very damaged at the lengths from years of dying.
  3. I wanted my hair to look neater. I feel like my hair was a bit of a mess with lots of damage and three different tones from root to tip. I just wanted to feel more polished. This feeling was amplified in cosmopolitan New York, where I felt unkempt.

IMG_1229IMG_1237Before and after

One of the things that I observed during my recent trip to the US is that my life at home has been too busy. As a result, since I have returned from my travels, I have closed down my online shop and will not be re-opening in the near future. While I had a great time sourcing items of clothing for you to enjoy, I had to look practically at my schedule, which was overloaded, to say the least. While the shop gave me a little bit of profit, the work required to run it was disproportionately large.

In addition, shopping for the shop meant that I ended up shopping for myself! Basically, because of the shop, my initial plans for purchasing just a few items this year have gone down the toilet. I managed to replace a large portion of my wardrobe, but then in preparation for my travels, I ended up replacing most of that stuff. In summary, my shopping habits this year can only be described as hectic, and I have failed to be a ‘good’ minimalist in this regard.

I have replaced the ‘shop’ page, with a shop my look page. I have been lucky enough to have a few excellent brands approach me with some discount codes. I wanted to create a home for these brands on my blog. I have also found some other excellent products that I recommend, and I have placed affiliate links to those items on that page. I will soon be writing a little review of each product to help you understand why I support these brands.


Now back to the main topic of this post. You don’t need a symbolic time (such as a calendar date) to turn a fresh leaf! Below are some of the items that you probably don’t need if you are looking to live lighter.

  1. Clothing you hate. Define your style and get rid of any clothing that does not make you happy. I made a whole heckin’ series about how to build a minimalist wardrobe, and defining your style is a key point in doing this. 
  2. Uncomfortable clothing. Get rid of uncomfortable and worn out clothing, lingerie and accessories.
  3. Sentimental items. Keep a few of the most important ones, obviously. Get rid of anything that is excessive or unnecessary. The memory does not live inside the object, it is in your heart, and you can get a picture of it if you want to look at it forever.
  4. Loyalty cards. The ‘perks’ provided by loyalty cards are used to keep you shopping.
  5. Email subscriptions. If you want to stop shopping, reduce your exposure to these, as they will keep you in a cycle of ‘hunting’ for new stuff.
  6. Shoulds. Get rid of any items associated with things that you tell yourself you should do. This includes hobbies, jobs, skills and talents. 
  7. Excess makeup. Makeup is a really big business, and everyone loves to enhance what they have. Do you really need to change you skin tone, the size of your lips, forehead and nose though? Keep the basics that make you feel pretty in your own skin, and get rid of the stuff that makes you feel like you need to change your face completely. This will be better for your wallet and your self esteem.
  8. Storage. We get storage to keep our excessive belongings. Try to avoid buying new storage, and instead declutter and downsize what you already have.
  9. Decorative items. Remove as many items off surfaces as practical. This can include both utilitarian and decorative objects. This will help reduce visual chaos and minimise cleaning.
  10. Declutter your digital life. In the digital era, our phones are a new place we acquire clutter. Remove apps you don’t use regularly.

The video below lists more ideas for decluttering right now.

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  1. I LOVE your hair. I had beautiful hair down to my bum until the summer, when the heat and frustration at maintenance got me to cut it to my chest. I’m going back soon to go even shorter. I’m definitely over the long hair phase in my life but I do miss it, so understand why you want it back. You completely rock the short hair though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the new hair! And yay for embracing the natural look! Your list is spot on. My minimalism journey is about to go through a roller coaster. My husband and I are now expecting identical twins in April. Gifts are just starting to arrive from well-meaning people. Minimalism is going to be a challenge for us this next year.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Absolutely love your haircut! Cutting off a lot of hair always feels like an exciting, fresh start.

    Was definitely in need of this reminder about decluttering since I went a little (a lot) crazy shopping this fall with makeup / skincare purchases. 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Honestly, your hair looks AMAZING!
    I did the same thing about 4 years ago, only went even shorter (pixie cut style) just to get my hair back to being healthy! It was a tough pill to swallow at first but now my hair is so much healthier and happier from the experience!

    Huge fan of your blog, channel and just your overall persona! Such a relatable and positive soul ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I thought something was different. I love it. It looks really good on you. I should probably do the same as my ends are a mess. But I think I have some left over feelings of being bald from chemo and then when my hair grew back I had waves and curls for the first time in my life!!!! So that being said, I think it may be time to at least cut some.:)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Read your message just when i needed to be reminded of the things you talked about. Got off track a few weeks ago from decluttering with other distractions etc etc. Your words about being too busy is definitely what I needed to hear and yes i am cutting down on one thing on laptop that takes to much of me time. As for removing clothes that i hate. I hate my work clothes but have to wear safety gear. Safety before hate . Thanks for all your encouragement and ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

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