10 Things I’ve Stopped Buying as a Minimalist | My Favourite Minimalist Brands

One of the issues of living in a consumption driven society is that we are told we need ‘more’ of everything. When I consciously choose to limit what I own and acquire, I have no choice but to prioritise what I value the most. This reduces decision making in all areas and inherently leads me to a calmer life. I can be more deliberate with my time, because I am used to making decisions about what is most important to me.

Today I chat about two things that might seem contradictory – things I no longer buy, and things I like to buy.

Some people seem to have this idea that minimalism means you never buy anything again. This of course is not true. The unfortunate reality is that we need to buy things to live in society. At the very base of our needs are food, shelter and clothing. These needs are the same for all humans.

I have a small wardrobe, and this means I wear my clothing more often. For this reason, the items in my wardrobe need to be of high quality. This year I have bought many items second hand, from a large variety of brands. Many of the items I have purchased have not lasted the distance. This has reminded me that high quality is crucial in my wardrobe. Moving forward, I think I am going to go back to purchasing more items direct from retailers. This will ensure I am making more informed decisions about my purchases and reducing the endless browsing I have been doing this year, seeking those second hand treasures.

When it comes to clothing, below are the things I no longer purchase as a minimalist.

  1. Sale items. Sales encourage unplanned purchases. Plan your purchases ahead and avoid buying things on impulse.
  2. Trend items. Buy classic pieces that fit into your wardrobe narrative. Avoid trend driven items that have no long term prospects in your life.
  3. Low cost accessories. Shoes, bags and jewellery should be rare investment purchases. These items should be able to last the distance.
  4. Low quality clothing. Avoid items that will damage easily, or not do the job they are supposed to.


Check out the video below to see what other items I am no longer purchasing.


Recently, I have brought some new items into my wardrobe. There are five brands which I have acquired things from. Some of these are brands I gravitate towards time and time again. These are trusted favourites that always deliver high quality. Some are brands I have invested in for the first time.

Either way, these brands are the ones that I recommend right now. I believe that the items I have purchased are attractive and well made. I like to think they can last the distance.


Below is my video about these brands.

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