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Below is a selection of products I love and use daily. I have affiliate relationships with some of these brands, which means you support A Small Wardrobe when you purchase using the links and codes provided.

Organic Basics. Organic Basics is one of my favourite minimalist brands. They concentrate on a small range of sustainably produced classic basics. They have a selection of underwear, socks, tees, and fitness attire. One of my favourite products is the organic cotton triangle bra, which I own in both black and nude (above). The XS is the perfect fit for me, in case you are wondering. I also love the white organic cotton tee, which I have included in several videos! Another recent addition has been the Silvertech Active range. These fitness bras and bottoms are made of recycled nylon, so you can look great and feel comfortable, while being kind to the environment!

Use this link and code asmallwardrobexOB20 to get 20% off Organic Basics

Everlane Block Sandal. These shoes are the perfect contemporary shoe for either going out or more casual scenarios. They are ridiculously comfortable if you have a narrow foot. There was not break in period, they were great from the start. Be warned though, when reading the reviews I found that people with wider feet were more likely to find them uncomfortable. I got mine in black but they come in other beautiful colours, including blue and green.

EVERLANE Block Heel Sandal


Everlane Boss Boot. Kick up your heels, ladies! I had wanted some Everlane boots for some time, and I finally committed to the Boss Boots. I am completely in love with them. I was worried they might be a little difficult to wear because of the pointed heel, but they are actually amazing. They elevate the typical boot look, and are so comfortable at the same time.


Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 9.28.12 pm

Everlane Silk Relaxed Shirt. I am small up top, so I sized up for this US size 4 silk shirt. I prefer a loose silhouette, because I believe loose fitting items are more versatile, and require a lot less laundering, which preserves their integrity for longer.

EVERLANE Silk Relaxed Shirt